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Welcome To The Hotel Sales Managers Network Alliance

 The Purpose of this site will be to help all hotel sales managers improve themselves and more importantly improve the results of their efforts in selling their respective hotel.

 On the main site here we will provide:

  • Articles from various authors.
  • Resources as we find them.
  • A Hotel News Feed.
  • Links to various hotel related websites.
  • Hotel Press releases as we get them.

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The members area will be limited to 300 users max, so this will be an exclusive membership.

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Here's What's Inside The Members Area:


User Forum

Inside the members area we have already added a nice user forum for sharing ideas and networking with other hotel sales managers. Posting job wanted or help wanted ads to help you find a good job or some help with your sales team.

Contact Database

We have also added an area to the forum to be used as a database for contacts, leads, VIP's, group contacts, and whatever other important information you feel we can add. The forum is totally searchable with an advanced search option. It really works well to find just the info you need on the site.

Hotel News Aggregator

 The news aggregator is an awesome addition to our members site. It gathers news from different sources that we specify and displays them for you in chronological order. All within your members area. And you can request to have a new news source added.

Hotel Sales Guides

 We are currently working on posting as many sales guides in the members area as possible. These guides will help the beginner or green hotel sales manager get up to speed on what courses of action to take to sell their property. There will also be advanced guides to help the seasoned hotel sales manager with something new or something they may have forgotten.

Members Blog

 The members blog will be a place you can write notes to yourself or whatever you want to use it for.

Private Messaging System

 With the private messaging system built into the site you can talk to other users on the site, email them within our system, and if you want you can block users from messaging you.

It's all about you.

 The members area is by no means complete because we are going to add features and guides as requested by our users. Making this a true one of a kind network that will turn our members into the top producing hotel sales managers in their areas. So if you haven't already done so, fill out the form above and get added to the VIP Notification List and we will contact you as soon as the site is ready.