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Hotel and Motel Management Schools Lead to a New Career Path

By Michael Bustamante

Hotel and Motel Management Schools prepare students for careers in hotel, motel, and restaurant management. Students learn about hospitality, food and beverage management, catering services, marketing and sales, and much more. Whether the lodge is small or large, services can include coffee and tea, daily newspapers, shoe shines and more. Workers may be required to take care of swimming pools, golf courses, tennis courts, health spas, and game rooms.

The hotel and motel industry includes lodging and services to customers in five-star hotels to the most rudimentary campgrounds. Graduates can choose to enter into management of luxury spas, motels, commercial establishments, resorts, residential or extended-stay hotels, guest ranches, RV parks, boarding houses, or quaint homes offering bed and breakfast.

Managers of hotels, resorts, and motels must be sure all aspects are functioning at optimum levels. Hotel and motel management is responsible for the quality of food, hotel supplies, catering, and customer services. They also oversee conference room scheduling, valet and ride service, and all special services for provided to guests.

An associate degree (AHM) from Hotel and Motel Management Schools can be accomplished in about 18 months. Graduates will be ready for small and large worldwide companies for entry-level management in hotels, motels, and restaurants. Hotel and motel management students will take business courses along with classes in English, communications, and general studies, and many Hotel and Motel Management Schools provide hands-on management experience for their students.

Some bachelor degree (BMH) programs in hotel and motel management are designed for students seeking opportunities to advance their careers in hotel and motel management. This degree allows specializations that prepare students with tools for advancing to upper levels in the industry in areas of food and beverage services, marketing hospitality services, accommodations, business and accounting, human resources, as well as others.

Master (MMH) level Hotel and Motel Management Schools students may choose to study areas of entrepreneurship, marketing, information systems management, operations management, and real estate and investment. These programs of study provide solid knowledge and skills for preparedness in upper-level positions in areas of hotel and motel management.

Hotel and motel management are allowed opportunities to enjoy discounts in lodging and travel amenities, which makes hotel and motel management careers attractive for those who enjoy travel.

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