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  • A Day In The Life Of A Smerfe Sales Manager
    Greeting my groups, taking notes, and working late. Just another day for the SMERFE Sales Manager.
  • The Benefits of Hotel Manager Jobs
    One of the fastest growing career fields today is the hospitality business and that of course, includes hotel management. The fact is, that with currency rates having gone through and still undergoing adjustments, the American Dollar is turning out to be a better deal that it ever was when compared against currencies such as the Euro or the Yen.
  • Hotel and Motel Management Schools Lead to a New Career Path
    Hotel and Motel Management Schools prepare students for careers in hotel, motel, and restaurant management. Students learn about hospitality, food and beverage management, catering services, marketing and sales, and much more. Whether the lodge is small or large, services can include coffee and tea, daily newspapers, shoe shines and more. Workers may be required to take care of swimming pools, golf courses, tennis courts, health spas, and game rooms.
  • Your Career Opportunities With An Online Hospitality Management Degree
    If you like to work in travel industry and excites in running a hotel, then you should earn a hospitality management degree. The increase of affordability of international travel is the key booster for the travel & hotel management industries. The job opportunities in tourism and hotel management are projecting a strong growth of 17% through 2014. Hence, if you are interested to involve in this field, you are at the right track.
  • Checking in with Hotel Job Opportunities
    You should look for hotel job opportunities if you are interested in working in the hospitality industry. You can easily find something in your area because there are hotels everywhere. You can do many different jobs in a hotel, and you have to be flexible to do them effectively...
  • Five Star Hotel - What Does It Mean
    What's the difference between a 4 star and 5 star hotel? Travel writer Greg Mattson takes a look at what goes into quality ratings for hotels and resorts.
  • How a Hotel Sales Manager Does A Proper Site Inspection
    One of the goals of a Hotel Sales Manager is to get clients to come for Site Inspections and tour the hotel with you. Once you get the commitment, get ready to do some work. When I get a commitment to come for a tour - with a date and time, the first thing I do is make a list of questions and decide on what I want to get out of the appointment.
  • What is A SMERFE Sales Manager?
    A SMERFE sales manager is a very important part of any hotel operation. Selling rooms in blocks of 10 or more can really improve your hotels bottom line.
  • How a SMERFE Sales Manager Finds Group Business
    Finding group business for your hotel should always be a priority. Having or not having group business, can be the difference to your hotels profitability.